ULTRA COMBO FIGHTERS: Dragon Street Fight Kung Fu

ULTRA COMBO FIGHTERS: Dragon Street Fight Kung Fu is an anime manga fantasy pixel action fighting game RPG style. Mortal duel in the fate of grand city tournament for conquest in realm order combat. Gods among us are king of the fighters where the legacy of men crusade versus league of evil mastermind rival in a carnage showdown death match battle arena on earth revolution end game. Unleash your FULL strength! An addicting top action fighting game!

ULTRA COMBO FIGHTERS: Dragon Street Fight Kung Fu


  • HD pixel graphics and combat entertainment
  • Hardcore fast phased air clash limit break martial arts action and deadly strikes.
  • Superheroes vs super villains alliance battle royal intense nonstop battle of gods war saga.
  • Burst into extreme rampage with outrage God Forms in a legendary evolution.
  • Craft energy in Power ball slots.
  • Use heal and revive wish orbs to replenish stamina.
  • Rise up to beat countless infinity war wild blood demon minions.
  • The art style is in the high-quality pixel in shadow fight poses.
  • TAG TEAM with a new ally!
  • Loads of fun challenges! It can be played online or offline on mobile! FREE!

HOW to PLAY ULTRA COMBO FIGHTERS: Dragon Street Fight Kung Fu

It is a new final fight fantasy street fighting combat retro style brawling using melee punch and kicks like boxing. It has multiple lineages of almighty brave fantastic fighters! Power each warrior for hyper Z Saiyan tactics. Tap left and tap right for walking and force jump to escape. As basic rules, don’t idle and poke tap to counter-attack and knock out foes for survival or be dead. It also has a guard and air chain combo attacks.


  • Get all-star superhero z champion legends to defeat titan dark forces.
  • HERO Z: GOD WAR of FIRE and FLAME. His hot quirk causes impact.
  • X BLADE: Guardian of TIME. Master of the SWORD art skills. A solo NINJA samurai from the FUTURE.
  • DARTH SNOW: Last daredevil dark knight GOD OF DESTRUCTION. He cast the helix magic soul of shadow death.
  • BLUE GOD: Happy persona god of thunder, sky, and plants.
  • BRO J2: Angry prince warlord of Zeus.
  • GOD J2: Fusion mixed clash king fighter of 2. Blue God and Bro J2.
  • HITMAN J: Fusion sniper HIT assassin and Super J assault master.


These can be a great offense, defense, close range, point-blank or long-range attacks. You can teleport, shoot a ball of blasts and beams. Gear at the dragon slot nest. Power perks make rangers super strong. Ultimate moves can cause a brutal impact.

  • One-Punch Fatal Blow
  • Fire Ball Inferno
  • Sun Blaze Crusher
  • Rage Iron Fist Shoryuken
  • Spark Blast Barrage
  • Steel Smash Supreme
  • Mega Sphere Cannon
  • Avengers strike
  • Heat Revenge
  • Last Energy Boost
  • Battle Cry Buff Recall
  • Gravity Force Field
  • Eye Storm Flash
  • Dragon Spirit Ball Ki
  • Meteor Dash Rush
  • Galaxy Gun
  • Destroy Planet
  • Boom Big Bang Bang Attack
  • Ultra Instinct Fast Break


Fight fury soldier, demigod attack titan, dark knight zombies, metal alien, android robot, super villains and ghost lords rider.


  • Darth Evil Lord
  • Dark Sword Mayhem
  • Magic Blue
  • Emperor Black
  • Shadow King
  • Star Vader Vanisher
  • Devil May Twin
  • Spider Ant Queen
  • Mad Stickman Broly
  • Giant Monkey King
  • Legendary Berserker
  • Angel of Death


The quest to fight at stage battle arena daybreak till glory night and kill monsters. Defeat a Saiyan king fighter to gain access to time travel to go back and fun defeating previous hardcore villains to justice!

Best martial art kung fu game in USA, Brazil, Latin America, and all over the WORLD!
If you like video game sports boxing, kung fu, karate, and arcade fights, love this one!

Download ULTRA COMBO FIGHTERS: Dragon Street Fight Kung Fu!

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